Scott Grey

Manufacturer Analytics Panel – Is Your Channel Strategy Future Proof? 

This session will provide strategic insights from Phase 1 of the ISA’s Manufacturing Analytics launched in 2019. Learn from a panel of industry peers how they apply ISA Analytics to help improve their operational, channel and salesforce performance. Also new for 2020, get a fist hand look at Phase 2 that will deliver new insights on bridging the Talent Gap, Digital Presence and much more.

Speaker’s Bio: 

Scott Grey is the Global Vice President of Corporate Business Development and Strategic Planning at CRC Industries. CRC is a global supplier of specialty products and formulations to meet the unique needs of the Automotive, Marine, Heavy Truck, Hardware, Electrical, Industrial and Aviation markets. Previously, Scott held various senior level positions at CRC for nearly 30 years including President of the CRC Americas Group and Chief Financial Officer.

Scott received his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in business from Villanova University and has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1988.

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