Bart Fellin

IMR 3.0 – Advancing the Professionalism and Utilization of IMRs

This session is focused on the progress of the IMR 2.0 Platform and IMR 2.0 Certification as a strategic differentiator for the new Independent Manufacturer Representative (IMR) and Manufacturer relationship. IMR 3.0 and IMR 3.0 Certification will also be presented further advancing the professionalism and utilization of IMRs. Don’t miss how certification is the new differentiator taking the IMR/Manufacturing relationship to the next level.

Speaker’s Bio:

Fellin Industrial Sales was established in 2003. Previously, Bart worked as a National Account Manager for a large wholesaler for 13 years and previous to that was in local distribution. With over 40 years in Metalworking Industrial Distribution experience, the foundation of his company is dedicated to increasing the line of communication between manufacturer, distributor and the end user. This core values of Honesty… Service… and Communication has established long term relationships.

Bart has volunteer to serve ISA on many levels including the ISA IMR committee and was past Chair of the American Eagle Awards and Recognition Committee.

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